Hama-Guri learns about Food Allergy


“Oh the other kids got so upset. We took them away and one teacher explained to them what had happened. And we immediately called the doctor.”

“I see….” Mumma said wondering what exactly to tell Hama. The school had already told them what they had thought was right. She didn’t want to say anything that would confuse him.

“Ya… He will be back to school in a few days…thank god for that…but we just have to be extra careful….his parents were understanding enough….they haven’t said much to us…”


“Hama must be very upset right? He and Ma-Door are good friends of Jones.”

“Ya he is..I need to speak to him about it…”

“Yes…yes… You do that. I will speak to you later again.”

Mumma hung up the phone just in time because Hama had just come down for lunch.

“You spoke to teacher?” He said as Mumma gave him his bowl of fresh cut fruits.

“I did Hama…Jones is fine…”


“Eat…and listen to me as I speak…” Mumma said.

Hama-Guri fell silent.

“Firstly, I spoke to your teacher and Jones is alright. He will be back to school soon. So don’t worry. Secondly, you must understand that we all fall ill at times. Its normal so don’t worry that much. But there is a very important thing that you should remember in this case.”

“What’s that Mumma?”

“Jones is a lovely boy. I know that because I have met him a few times too.” Mumma smiled. “And he is so good at science too, right?”

“Oh yes! He knows all the answers in class.”

She smiled. “The only thing is there are some foods that don’t like him. This means he has food allergy. So they give him trouble.What do we do when we don’t like some people Hama?”

“We stay away Mumma…we don’t fight them.”

“Exactly. Because fighting them could hurt us too. So we just stay away and don’t be friends with them.”

Hama nodded.

“In the same way, Jones has to stay away from the foods that don’t like him. Because he will get hurt, like today, if he tries to fight them.”

“What food was he fighting Mumma?”

“You remember the icing that teacher had given to decorate the cookies? Well, that had eggs in it. And eggs don’t like Jones at all.”

Hama looked his Mumma. “I will not let Jones fight with these foods anymore. I will pull him away next time. I will tell him that staying away is a far better option.”

Mumma smiled. And hoped, that in her way she had managed to explain to her child how food allergies could affect a kid.

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