Hama-Guri learns about Food Allergy

“But Mumma…he is a nice boy…and he looked so ill…”

“Why don’t you get fresh and I will find out which hospital he is in. Then we can both go meet him….you would like that?”

Hama nodded.

“Then go change your clothes and come down for lunch.”

Mumma called up the teacher. Thankfully they were old pals from their school days. Else no teacher ever entertained such personal calls.

“What happened to Jones today at school?” Mumma enquired.

“Oh god! It was so scary. I didn’t expect it at all…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you know, this boy is allergic to quite a few foods. His parents had told us about it when he had got admission. So we don’t even give him any food at school. He gets his food separately from home.

“Oh!…but then today?”

“These kids had their weekly baking class today. They actually had to put icing on cookies that we had baked earlier and got for them….you know how it is… Craft time..”

“Yes… Yes…. Hama enjoys all these activities at school.”

“It was actually our mistake….or maybe we hadn’t realized that this could happen….the icing had egg in it…”

“Jones reacted to that? He tasted it?

No no! He’s a responsible boy. He knows that he falls ill if he eats something that’s not from home….He had just touched it because a little had spilled over and was spoiling his cookie art.

“And that caused his allergic attack? Really?” Mumma was almost dumbfounded.

“Yes…” The teacher said, her voice trembling a bit. “And it was no normal allergy. He suddenly developed a breathing problem. He was gasping for breath!” She added.

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