Hama-Guri learns about Food Allergy

Food allergy, Kids with food allergies“What happened Hama? Why are you so quiet today?” Mumma said sitting on Hama-Guri’s bed. He had come home from school more than half an hour back. But instead of rushing through the door and kissing her and blabbering all that had happened during the day, he had quietly walked up to his room.

“Umm…Mumma…I’m not feeling good…” Hama said putting his head down on his mother’s lap.

Mumma knew something had happened at school which had greatly upset him. But she also knew that she wouldn’t be able to force it out of him. So she just had to give him time to speak up. “Whatever it is Hama, you can share with me.” Mumma said caressing the little one’s head. “Take your time if you want to.”

“Mumma the new boy in our class…remember I told you about him?”


“Mumma he was taken to the hospital!” Hama was almost in tears.

“But why?”

“I don’t know Mumma. We had a baking class today and he fell ill.” Hama was sobbing now. “I don’t know what happened.”

“In the baking class?” Mumma sounded concerned. But was wondering, at the same time, what could have happened. However, now was not the right time to ask Hama too many questions. “He will be fine kiddo.”

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