Hama-Guri Learns about Water Conservation

Fun Activities:

  • Play cool games like giving the child a sheet and let him go around the house looking for leaks and noting it down
  • Challenge kids with all water related work (washing, bathing, brushing) and teach them ways of saving water
  • Pour water on a tree and ask the kids to guess where that water goes
  • Grow a plant in a pot and once it has stop watering it for a few days. See how the leaves begin to dry up. Start watering it again and see the plant come back to life once again. Use mulch around plants as that helps to conserve water
  • Visit a nearby river, lake or pond. See if it’s clean or dirty. If dirty, ask them, what they think happens because of all the pollutants
  • Visit a wetland or a national park and see the various species you can spot there
  • Visit a farm to show the kids about irrigation
  • Read them short stories like the book “Watch Over Our Water” by Lisa Bullard


Here are some water conservation crafts that can be used as earth day crafts.

  • Bottled Ocean: Fill a plastic bottle with water half way through. Add a few drops of blue color and mix it well. Now add shells, tiny rubber sea creatures and fill the rest of the bottle with vegetable oil. Close the bottle tightly with the cap. Stick an adhesive tape around the cap to make it tighter. Turn the bottle from one side to another and see the waves as the creatures swim around in it!
  • Tie and Die Carnation: Take a white carnation and slit the stem vertically into two. Take two glasses filled with water. Add red colouring to one and blue to the other. Now place them together and dip one part of the stem into the red coloured water and the other part into the blue coloured water. Leave it for a few hours and the white carnation would have turned red and blue. Take it out when some white is still left. Tie it with a thread and put it into a vase filled with clear water. It looks lovely and also forms a starting point of teaching kids about osmosis.

Make these crafts and play these cool games. Do share more It makes a very interesting and innovative water conservation  and earth day crafts.with us.

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