Hama-Guri Learns about Water Conservation

“What do you mean Hama? Water was gushing out?”

“No father. I mean it fully didn’t close. Drops kept coming out. Ma-Door said it had been that way for many months.”

“Hmm. I see.”

“But father that’s also wasting water! He needs to tell his papa to mend it, right? I need to teach him different ways of saving water, right?”

“Absolutely right Hama. You do that right away.” Father replied as he walked toward the sink to keep the used plates.

Mumma joined him after she had put the leftover food into the fridge to finish washing the dishes. It was good that her husband shared house chores with her.

“Bye father. Bye Mumma. I’m going to Ma-Door’s house. I will be back in half an hour.”

They waved back to the child. The place was a safe place and Ma-Door’s house was next door.

“Mummmaaaaa! Shut that tap. Both of you are wasting water!” He cried as he ran out of the door.

The parents looked at each other and then the plates. The young lad was right. They should finish soaping all the dishes and then wash them together instead of letting the water flow as they soaped.

Mumma silently smiled. What she had taught her son a few hours back, had been taught back to her.

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