Hama-Guri Learns about Water Conservation

And so soon it was lunch time. And, with a bucket it didn’t take him long to finish his bath either. He didn’t enjoy it as much as under a shower. But he was happy because he had done it for a good reason. Also, he was especially excited today because mother had made his favourite lamb chops and berry mousse after a very long time.

Biting into his lamb chop, he asked, “Mumma I should tell Ma-Door about the water too.”

“Yes definitely dear.” She replied. She knew Hama had learnt a new thing today and would not let go off the topic for the entire day.

“What water?” Father asked.

“Father, the Earth’s water is finishing. That’s why we all used a bucket for our bath today.”

Father smiled. Smiled at what his wife was trying to teach. And smiled at the amount that his six year old had understood.

“Father do you know what I saw when I went to Ma-Door’s house yesterday?”

“What Hama?” He asked getting up to clear the plates from the table.

“After we had finished playing I went to the wash basin for washing my hands. When I tried to shut the tap it didn’t close.”

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