Hama-Guri Learns about Water Conservation

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“What are you doing Mumma? Why are you keeping those potted plants under the water pipe?”

“Because then the water that comes out of this pipe will water these plants and we won’t have to water them separately.”

Hama-Guri remained silent. He wondered why his Mumma would want to do that. Why couldn’t she use the watering pipe from the garden?

“What happened Hama? Why are you sitting there on the garden bench with a frown on your face?” Mumma asked.

“Because I don’t know why you are doing what you are doing.”

“Hmm.” Mumma replied getting up and dusting off the dirty soil on her apron. “It’s water conservation.”

“Conv..er… What mumma?”

Mumma came and sat beside Hama-Guri. “Tell me something dear, can you go for an entire day without water?”

“Oh no…no no…that’s not possible.”

“Exactly. That is why we have to protect the Earth’s water. In whatever little way that we can.”

“But Mumma there is so much water in the seas and oceans!”

“Yes Hama. But if we don’t conserve all of that will finish some day for sure.”

“You’re kidding Mumma.”

Hama-Guri’s mother smiled and shook her head. “Now go get fresh, it’s almost lunch time.”

“But Mumma I will need a bucket. I am not using the shower today. You have really scared me!”

Mumma gave a tight hug to her child and nodded. “Wonderful! Today we shall all do that.”

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