Hama-Guri Finds Parts of a Plant in Vegetables

Learning: Parts of plants that turn into a vegetable. They won’t look like a root or a stem anymore but they still, in reality, are!

Things to Teach:

  • Different vegetables and what parts of plants they are
  1. Seed: peas, rice, white bean, wheat
  2. Stem: potato, sugarcane
  3. Root: carrot, radish, turnip
  4. Flower: cauliflower, broccoli
  5. Leaf: cabbage, spinach, lettuce
  6. Fruit: tomato, ladyfinger, pumpkin
  • What is a fungus and why mushroom is a fungus
  • Names of herbs and how they are different from vegetables.
  • Uses of vegetables. Example tomato for sauces, lettuce in salads, carrots for rabbits, pepper to make the food hot etc
  • Find out vegetables that grow on trees, vines or in the ground
  • About pollination (and hence how the flower turns into a fruit / vegetable)

Fun Activity:

  • Spend a day in the garden planting vegetable seeds /saplings and learning about parts of plants
  • Discover different places where vegetables can be found (garden, green grocer, dinner table, fridge etc.)
  • Take the child to a vegetable market and identify a vegetable that is unknown to her. buy it and let her learn more about it (color, texture, shape etc.) Then have fun chopping it and cooking it.
  • Create a rainbow salad with different vegetables
  • Read the book Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z by Lois Ehlert. Such books make great learning for kids as well.


  • Turn vegetables into animals and birds (example: a zucchini into a crocodile)
  • Make cards using vegetable prints (for example using ladyfinger, purple cabbage etc)
  • Pea pod craft: This makes a wonderful learning for kids. Take a paper plate and colour it green. Fold it in half and staple the two ends so that the middle remains open like a pea pod. Now either use green paper and scrunch it up to make the green peas or roll green play dough. Stick them inside the pod and your pea pod with the peas inside is ready!
  • Vegetable rock garden: Collect pebbles and rocks of different shapes Try and think it resembles which vegetable and colour it that colour. Then in a large flat bottomed dish place some soil and then place the vegetable pebbles over it.

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