Hama-Guri Finds Parts of a Plant in Vegetables

“W..o…www!” He said slowly uttering the word.

“I am a root and I am a cone.”

“Hmm…hmmm.” He scratched his head and looked at his vegetable list. “A carrot!”


“So Mumma what else is a root?”

“Well…we don’t have them but a radish and turnip are too.” She said and then continued. “I am a leaf and I am green.”

“Mumma! That’s not a hint. All leaves are green.”

They both burst out laughing.

“Ok, a little more hint. Hama hates eating me.”

“Cabbage!” He exclaimed. “Now flower.”

“Ok…I am a flower and I am white.”


“Hama! We are doing vegetables.”

He giggled. “I know. I just suddenly remembered the goat that ate up your daisies last week.”

“I know. They were looking so lovely. That goat’s become very naughty….anyways where were we?”

“A white flower that’s a vegetable.”

“Yes… Tell me…”

He consulted the list once again. “Cauliflower!”


“Then Mumma is a broccoli a flower too?”

“Absolutely! Very good Hama.”

“And now the last one. I am a fruit and I am red in colour.”

“A tomato!”

“I am so proud of you dear.” Mumma said getting up from her chair. “Now off you go to your room to play. Let me finish this mushroom bake.”

“Mumma? Mushroom? What vegetable is that? The whole plant?”

She laughed.

“It looks like one. Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not sweetheart.” She hugged her little boy. “Its not really a vegetable. It is actually a fungus. But we will learn that later.”

“Fungus? Yuck? Like the green things we see on stale bread?”


“Mumma! I am going to tell father that you are planning to give us fungus for lunch.”

“But Hama…”

It was too late. The kid had already run out with this juicy piece of information to his dad.

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