Hama-Guri Finds Parts of a Plant in Vegetables

Mumma peeled and diced some potatoes and put it into a pan with a little oil. “Quick French fries coming up for my good boy!” She said.

“I love those Mumma. And then all three of us can eat it.” He replied popping a pea into his mouth.

“Hama do you know the parts of a plant?”

“Suddenly? Of course I do.” The child confidently replied.

“Tell me.” She said not disclosing any further.

“Well… There’s the leaf and..”

“No…no…start from the beginning?”

“Hmm? Beginning?”


“Oh yes Mumma. We plant a seed. Then slowly it grows and the root forms. Then comes the stem. Then leaves, flowers and finally fruits or vegetables.”


“Why did you ask?” Hama asked.

Mumma turned off the flame, put the finger chips on a plate, sprinkled some salt and came over to sit beside her son. “Here you go. Want some ketchup?”

“The home one!” He cried. “That’s yum.”

Mumma laughed as she poured a little tomato puree into a bowl for the child. Then said, “Do you know there is a vegetable for each part of the plant?”

“What?” Hama said his tone confused. “I didn’t understand.”

“A plant starts with a seed. Right?”


“So there is a vegetable which is a seed. In the same way there’s a root which is a vegetable also.”

“Really? Tell me Mumma. Do we have them all in the garden?”

“Hmm. Yes…I think…Why don’t you try and remember what we have and write them down. Then let’s see if we have all the parts of a plant there.”

Yea! I like this. It’s so much better when we do these things than when I have to sit and watch you cook.”

She smiled. “But if I don’t where will you get your yum food from?”

“Ya…” Hama said as he got up to go get himself a sheet of paper and a pencil.

The next few minutes he scribbled away the names of all the vegetables his mother grew in her garden. And she did have quite a few varieties. “Mumma! Done!”

“Great. Let’s see.” She looked at the sheet and felt proud of her son. His spellings were all almost correct and he did remember them all. Sharp memory. “Want to play a guessing game?”

“Yesssss!” He exclaimed.

“So let’s begin with seed.” She said taking a bite of a potato wedge. “I am a seed and I am round and green. Who am I?”


“I am a stem and I taste yummy when I am mashed with milk and cheese.”

“Mashed potato!” Hama exclaimed. “I mean a potato.”

His Mumma laughed.

“Really? A potato is a stem?”

“Yes dear. And so is sugarcane.”

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