Hama-Guri Finds Parts of a Plant in Vegetables

parts of plants, science project ideas, science activities for preschoolers, learning for kids“I’m bored.” Hama yawned on a Saturday morning. School had just closed for a short spring break. But that was not the cause of his boredom. His best friend had gone off to visit his granny with his parents for a week.

“I’m bored too!” Mumma joined in, copying his tone.

“Mumma! Stop that. Don’t copy me.” Hama replied. “I truly am bored. Father’s busy with the cows and you have been cooking all morning.”

“But I’m making the apple pie for you kiddo.”

“I know Mumma. Still…” He couldn’t complete the sentence because another yawn escaped his lips.

“Why don’t you come help me in the garden? Check out if any new worms have come in?” Mumma laughed.

“Very funny! But I will come.” Ham said, still a little bored. And he continued to be so even after helping mum with her new plants, taking out a few ripe carrots from under the soil and getting himself muddy all over.

“Mumma! I’m still bored.”

“Hama! If you continue to say that then let’s get you to studies.”


Mumma laughed. “Then come and help me get this salad ready.”

“Oh alright!”

The nest few minutes passed in silence as Hama began to take out the fresh green peas from the garden from its pods.

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