Hama-Guri finds Helpers

Things to Teach:
• People who help us
• Some unusual helpers and what they do (example: aquanaut, astronaut, engineer etc)
• Different situation when we need them (example: fireman during a fire, doctor when we are ill)
Fun Activity
• Do role plays for different helpers
• Cut out pictures of different helpers and create a symbol for them. For example a flower for a gardener, a plane for a pilot.
• Visit different places (restaurants, parks, super market) and see how many helpers you can find
• Learn / make up poems about different helpers
• Ask the child(ren) to draw his favourite helper
• Try and find a helper with each letter of the alphabet (A is astronaut, B is butcher, C is chef, D is dentist etc)
• Ask the older kids to write on “What do you want to be when you grow up” and the younger ones more about “What ado your parents do”

Crafts :
• Make a fire engine out of an egg carton
• Make white coloured hand impressions on a black sheet of paper. It becomes a doctor’s X-ray or thumb impressions to create a policeman
• Make thank-you badges and pin it on different community helpers

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