Hama-Guri finds Helpers

“Hama, I will get one more picture for you later on today. I’m going to the car mechanic for servicing my car.”

“Yeah!” Cried Hama. This sure was a lot of fun. “And dad, your picture too. You are the driver for today.” He laughed.

But once they were back home, Mumma got him down to finishing his remaining homework, then bath and then lunch. He had to wait till evening before he could use the camera any further.

After his evening glass of chocolate milk, off he went with Mumma hunting for more helpers. And he was not disappointed.

“Look Hama.”

“Who are they? Builders?”

“They are called masons.” Mother answered as her son stopped to take pictures of a group of people who were busy at a construction site. Then they walked on.

“Mumma! Look!” Hama cried after a while. The neighbourhood slum kids sat under a tree learning something. “He’s the teacher, right?”

“Perfect!” Mumma answered. “In fact let’s go there. A cobbler sits there. You can click him with his shoes too.”

After that was done, the pair decided to go to the nearby market too. There they found the butcher who gave them meat and the barber who cut Hama’s hair.
“That’s quite a bit we got in one day. Right Hama?”
“And it was so much fun Mumma. Can we do some more tomorrow?”
“Maybe a little in the morning. Then we have to get all the prints for these pictures by evening and finish your project, right?”
“Yes Mumma.” Hama smiled. “Teacher will be so happy to see this….I love you Mumma. You always think of something different.”
“I love you too kiddo.” She replied, giving him a tight hug.
Learning: Everyday there are people who help us. Let’s stop and take some time out to say thank you to them.

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