Hama-Guri finds Helpers

It was late morning before the little one got his next target.

“Mummmmaaaa! You didn’t call me! I would have missed him.”

“Who?” Mum looked at him as she directed the gardener where to plant the next dahlia plant.

“Him!” Cried Hama-Guri pointing to the gardener.

“Oh God! I am so sorry. I completely forgot.” Mumma replied sheepishly.

“It’s alright” he replied as he clicked at the mud covered gardner.

“Hey Hama!” Called his father. “Ready?”

“Yes dad!” He replied. “Mum we are going to buy fruits.” And he skipped off.

Soon the father son duo were buying and clicking together.

“He’s the green grocer.” Taught father as he paid the vegetable man and took the bag from him.

Hama clicked. This was a new name that he learnt.

“And now we are off to the florist.”

“I know who that is” Hama exclaimed. “He sells flowers.”

“Wonderful! Let’s get some yellow roses for Mumma.”

Hama clicked.

And just when they were done and were getting into the car, the found the traffic police giving a parking ticket to a driver.

“There are two more for you.” Dad pointed. “Click them together.”

Hama giggled as he clicked.

“That was fun dad” The child replied as he got into the car.

As they were returning home, they found another one on the road – the sweeper sweeping all the fallen leaves.

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