Hama-Guri finds Helpers

“Hama! Wake up! Now! It’s project time.”

“Mu…umm..a..” He was still fast asleep.

“Come down now dear. You will love this. And picking him up on her lap she walked down the stairs.”

“What Mumma…”

“Our first helper! Look! And here’s the camera. Go take his picture.”

Now Hama-Guri was wide awake. He loved using Mumma’s favourite camera. More so because he was rarely allowed to. But today he was and his project had already begun. Trust mum to think of something different.

He took a few clicks of the milkman who posed very sweetly for him with bottles of milk.

“Mumma! One done.”

She smiled. “Sorry I woke you up baby. I thought you would enjoy it.”

“I did! I did!” Squealed the boy. “Who’s next?”

“In an hour.” Mum replied as she headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.

“Mumma, you pose.”

“Me? Why?”

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