Hama-Guri finds Helpers

hama-guri-finds-helpers“Hey Mumma!” Hama-Guri cried as he walked into the house. “We’ve got to get to work!”

“What work kid?” Mumma replied as she took him into her arms. She was amazed at her bundle of energy. So many hours at school and he still wanted to ‘get to work’ right away.

“Come Mumma. Sit. See…here…” Hama sat on the sofa and took out his school diary. “Here Mumma, read this.”

His mother read it and smiled. “So you need a project done on ‘people who help us’.”

“Ya Mumma! And we need to start now else we won’t finish.”

She ruffled his hair and said, “oh yes my little boy, we will. Now lunch. I will think of a plan and we will start first thing tomorrow morning. We have the whole Saturday and Sunday for this.”

“But Mumma…”

It didn’t work. Hama had to eat his lunch. And also spend the evening playing with the farm animals. But his mind lay elsewhere. However, he knew he would have to wait till tomorrow. No amount of persuasion would work with Mumma. What he didn’t know what that she would wake him up on a holiday morning at 6am when the milkman came.

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