Hama-Guri Celebrates Plant a Flower Day

Things to Teach:

  • Types of plants (vines, bush, shrub etc)
  • Why plants are important to us
  • Effects of deforestation
  • About flowers: colours, fragrance, national flowers of countries, flower seeds
  • How flowers turn to fruits
  • How plants breathe and make their food – Types of trees (coniferous, deciduous, perennial)
  • Gardening tips and how to grow plants indoor
  • Trivia like insectivorous plants, how cacti survive in the desert, flowers we eat
  • Various herbs and their benefits to our health

Fun Activities

  • Celebrate plant a flower day by reading books like Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert, Two Old Potatoes and Me by John Coy and Carolyn Fisher,¬†Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: A Compost Story by Linda Glaser and Shelley Rotner, Flower Garden by Eve Bunting and Kathryn Hewitt, The Curious Garden by Peter Brown and Butterflies in the Garden by Carol Lerner
  • Buy different and yet similar looking flower seeds from the market. Plant them and keep guessing as they grow into flower gardens
  • Grow sprouting potatoes in old buckets (the bucket depth will work well for these vegetables)
  • Make your own compost to put into pots. Alternately layer soil and these: grass, leaves, vegetable parts, flowers, egg shells etc. Add water and press it down. Turn it fortnightly. The compost will be ready in 2-3 months.


  • Celebrate plant a flower day by grow your flower gardens in biodegradable potted plants made with toilet paper rolls. (If you don’t have toilet rolls, try old gumboots!)
  • Fill walnut shells with soil and plant a little grass in them. Place them in a dish and make a lovely nutty-grassy patch.
  • Make a desert garden with paper palm trees, plastic camels and lots of sand.
  • Pine cone bird feeder: Put peanut butter into the scales of the pine cone and then roll it in bird seed. Make many of these and hang it outside in the garden.

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