Hama-Guri Celebrates Plant a Flower Day

“Ya ya!”

“What if we brought a bit of the forest here and planted them?”

“Let’s go Mumma.” And he pulled her up and ran out of the field to the jungle in front.

The forest patch was a lovely place to be in. Chirping of birds, fresh air and lots of plants. They looked around and collected a few wildflowers growing at the edge. And it indeed made Hama very happy. Holding them carefully, they came back home.

“Hama I have an idea.” Mumma said as they entered home. She took out some old plastic cups and glasses from one of the cabinets and with a fork she pierced holes in the bottom of those. Hama watched his mother and his smile widened. Today was truly being a fun day. First they planted sprouting potatoes and now they would plant the flowers in tea cups!

Soon Hama was on his knees filling the cups and glasses with soil and then putting the flower plants into them.

“Hama why don’t we leave them on the window sill? The little sunlight that comes through should be enough for them to grow.”

Hama nodded and took them one by one to the window sill.

“And today since we have planted so much, why don’t we eat from the garden too?”

“Ugh! Vegetables?”

“Soup? Baked?”

“Baked! With lots of cheese Mumma” Hama cried. “And I’m helping you to get them from the garden.”


Learning: Plants are important to us. So we should plant a seed once in a while for sure. And raise our voices against cutting down of trees.

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