Hama-Guri Celebrates Plant a Flower Day

“Hama do you know why plants are important?

“Because they give us fruits to eat?”

“Nice.” Mumma said with a smile. “Can you think of anything else?”

“Mumma, birds need trees for their nests, right?”

“That’s lovely Hama. I’m proud of you.”

Hama smiled. “Umm.. Mumma do you know any?”

“You know Hama, if we keep cutting trees, then nature will get angry with us. And there will be more floods and lesser fresh air to breathe.

“Really Mumma?…Mumma look… He’s there.”

“Yes…Let’s go.” Mother replied walking toward the potter. Her explanation about deforestation had got lost in the excitement of pottery making. But she knew she would get her chance again.

Half an later they had reached home with a box full of new pots. Unfortunately the potter had allowed Hama to make only one pot which turned out to be a mess!

“Mumma, we don’t have any plants!”

“But we do have a few things that will give us plants kiddo.” Mumma said walking into the kitchen. She came out with a potato, an onion and a handful of mustard seeds. “Let’s go Hama.”

Soon they were sitting in a garden patch plating the kitchen goodies into the pots. But Hama was not satisfied. “Mumma. This finished so soon. And I’m not even dirty yet! And… planting flowers? We haven’t done that either.”

Mumma laughed. But she wondered what else they could do to make the day a more eventful one.

“Ok I have an idea. You wanted to go to the forest to plant, right?”

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