Hama-Guri Celebrates Plant a Flower Day

Planting flowers, Flower gardens, Landscaping design, Flower seeds, Perennial“Good morning Mumma!” Hama said as he sleepily walked down from the stairs.

“Good morning kiddo. Get down here quick. We are going to get ourselves really dirty today.”

“Huh?” Hama let out a startled sound. “Dirty?”

Mumma laughed. “Do you know what day today is?”

The little one shook his head.

Today is plant a flower day. And thankfully it’s a Sunday. So let’s do some planting flowers and plants today and have some fun!”

” Planting flowers? In your garden Mumma?”

“Hmm…I’m thinking..let’s do something more fun?”

“Ya!” Hama squealed as he sat down to drink his glass of chocolate milk. “Let’s go plant it in the forest.”

“Hama!” Now it was Mumma’s turn to laugh. “I was thinking let’s go to the potter who sits at the end of the road and ask him if we can make a few pots.”

“Now!” Hama jumped up. ” See I have finished my milk.”

“Give me a few minutes. Let me make father’s breakfast and then we can. Why don’t you go change and come?”

Ten minutes later mother-son were on their way.

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