Hama-Guri Celebrates Old Stuff Day

Things to Teach:

  • Set yourself new goals
  • Don’t get bogged down doing the same things all the time – take up a new hobby, enroll yourself in new projects, make new friends. Learn to live life
  • At times changes can seem very new and worrying because making change is not easy. But stepping out of ones own comfort zone is important. It helps one to learn and experience more.
  • If some subjects at school don’t interest the kids then work out plans and find innovative ways to teach it to them.
  • Teach them what else happened on Old Stuff Day, i.e. March 2nd (for example it is also celebrated as National Banana Cream Pie Day in the USA, in 1917 the Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. citizenship, in 1946 Ho Chi Minh was elected President of North Vietnam and in 1965 The Sound of Music movie premiered in New York City

Fun Activities:

  • Visit antique stores and spend the day looking through vintage furniture, antique gramophones and other old things
  • Visit the museum to see different kinds of antiques
  • Spend the day de-cluttering the house: now that spring is approaching, do the spring cleaning!
  • Find things that you don’t need but is otherwise useful and have a backyard sale or donate to charity
  • Watch the History Channel
  • See old albums, watch old videos and listen to family stories
  • Teach your pet dog new tricks


  • Take a box and ask the child(ren) to write one thing that he will do differently from tomorrow. Read it out and share yours with them as well. Then work out plans as to how this will be achieved.
  • Make small paper dolls and write down what bores the child the most. Then make a bonfire and burn all these up – symbolizing that they will not give into boredom anymore but will instead try to do the same thing in a more excited way.
  • Make something new from old discarded items in the house or in the classroom. For example;
    • Melt old crayons to make a new one
    • Use grocery brown paper bags to make hand puppets
    • Fold newspapers to make party hats
    • Pencil boxes from empty cans
    • Picture frames from old CDs
    • Bookmarks or postcards from old cards

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