Hama-Guri Celebrates Old Stuff Day

After an hour and two boxes later they were surrounded with old puzzles, broken lego pieces, faded picture books, a train line and lots of plastic toys.

“What new will we make of this father?” Hama sounded a little dejected.

“Hmm. Nothing I guess. Should we try another one?”

“Ya…I guess…Father we should label all the boxes so that next time we know what’s inside what.”

“That’s a wonderful idea. Making change is not easy. This will help us to get a new thing too!”

“Oh noooo father! It has to be a better new thing.”

“OK so here’s the third box.”

That didn’t work either because it was filled with Hama’s old clothes. From bibs, to tiny pants and even tinier sweaters.

It was only when the next was opened that both of them smiled together. The box was filled with old albums.

“Just look at these pictures.” Father exclaimed. And Hama joined him with his squeals. “See this is your granny and grand dad when they got married!”

“I have an idea father. Let’s make a chart with some of these pictures and gift it to Mumma.”

“That’s wonderful Hama. Then we can frame it up and create the new thing out of old things.”

The next few hours went in choosing pictures, sticking them on a chart paper, captioning them, bordering them with glitter and finally sticking it on a frame that father made with nails and pieces of twigs from the garden.

When Mumma saw it she couldn’t control her tears. It was lovely. And as all fond memories rushed back to her, suddenly she felt better.


In life, when things become very routine and boring, try and find excitement from simple things around you.

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