Hama-Guri Celebrates Old Stuff Day

“I see.” Mumma replied as she poured the tea into two mugs.

“But I have something fun planned for Hama and me. You rest for the day.”

“Really father?” Now Hama was excited. And his bread and milk was finishing too.

“Yes. Absolutely. We have a lot of old things in the attic. I have brought down some.”


“Let’s see what we do with those. How about creating something new with them?”


“And once both of you are done, let’s watch Hama’s video when he was a kid.” Mumma added.

“Yippie! I love that video that father had taken of you trying to give me a bath. I was such a kid then.”

Twenty minutes later, the father-son duo was sitting in the study opening lots of boxes. From the first came out some old toys.

“This is yours Hama.” Father said handing him a well chewed teething toy.

The little boy laughed.

“And this was my favorite when I was a kid.” Father said showing him a small wooden bullock cart. “Granny had given it to me when I was your age. We had bought it at a fair.”

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