Hama-Guri Celebrates Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day, 2nd march, USA, Making change, Work out plans, Antique stores, Vintage furniture, Antiques, “Mumma I am not eating this jam and bread again today.” Hama-Guri whined. “You promised me yummy food today.”

Now how would Mumma tell him that she overslept because of the medicines and so didn’t have time to make his favorite pancakes. It rarely happened but today was just one of those days. She had been feeling it for the past few days and she had been right. The weather change had finally made her get the fever.

“Hey Hama! Good morning”

“Good morning father.” Hama replied still in a whiny tone.

“You know what today is? Today is Old Stuff Day.

“Ya right!” Hama made a face. “That’s just to make me eat this.” He added showing his still untouched slice of bread.

“Firstly Hama, Mumma is not well and she is still up to make breakfast for you. So that is not good mannhers. And secondly I am not kidding, today is World Old Stuff Day.”

Hama’s face fell. He silently got up from his seat and went to his mother. Then gave her a big hug. “I’m sorry Mumma… I love you…”

“I love you too kiddo!” She smiled. “So what is this old stuff thing?” She asked her husband.

“Oh today people celebrate everything old. Then they think of making change. For example, they talk about their daily routine and then say how they would like to change it. “

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