Fun Ways to Improve your Child’s Vocabulary

Take Them to Different Places

All parents like to say ‘my baby can read.’ However, having said that, don’t just make them study English and don’t just restrict them to school, tuition and the park. Take them to newer places. It could be museums, aquariums, planetariums, farms, theaters or even for holidays when they can view a country’s or a state’s particular festival  The more kind of places that they visit, the more opportunity they get to see new things and ask “What’s that?”. Encourage him to ask and be ready with your answers.


You need to tell yourself ‘my baby can read.’. Then keep talking to your child the more you will be improving your child’s vocabulary. While baby talk is good for the tiny ones, for toddlers and for the older ones, pronounce correctly and use the right grammar when you talk. For example; if you are knitting and he wants to know you what you are doing, tell him so and also point out to the difference between ‘purl’ and ‘pearl’ as well.

So go on and learn more together today. However, do remember to be gentle with him and keep your expectations well grounded as well.

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