Fun Ways to Improve your Child’s Vocabulary


For older kids play the age old word expert game scrabble. For the younger ones:

  • Word puzzle: Device puzzles yourself.  For example you could have letters stuck on cardboard squares. Make a word with it and show it to him. Try and make a word that he does not know. Tell him what it means. Then remove a few letters from it. Ask your child to fill the blanks up with the letters. This not only increases his vocabulary but also improves his spellings.
  • Word hunt: Take a book, newspaper or a magazine. Tell him a word and ask him to hunt for it in the book that you have given to him. It will keep him engaged for some time (J) and will also teach him.

‘My Baby can Read’

Think of a new word. Tell him the spelling and ask him to write it down on a sheet of paper. Explain to him what it means. Turn it into a craft activity if you wish. For example he can paint the word or stick papers and write the word. Now put up that word on the fridge with a magnet or on his room’s soft board. The game is for everyone in the family tries to use that word a few times throughout the day.

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