Fun Ways to Improve your Child’s Vocabulary

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For a child to tell a story he needs to know words. And many of them. For it is words that make up a story. As a parent we should strive to improve and increase kids’ vocabulary continuously.  Other than making him study English Here are some activities for kids and fun tips that will help your child learn new words.


Inculcate the habit of going to the library. If he is a toddler, go along with him. Even if he can’t read or does not understand all words, read to him. And together with that get into the habit of teaching him at least two news words every time you visit.


While making him study English, also play a game with your child of finding words that mean the same thing. Thinking of interesting activities for kids always help. For this you will also need to do a lot of reading yourself so that you have the answers ready when he can’t think of any. The more ways that he is able to express the same thing, the better he will become in the art of talking and writing.

Words with Letters

When devising activities for kids, the ABC always comes to help. Once he knows his alphabet well play with him word games. This could be:

  • Animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, flowers and countries beginning with each letter of the alphabet
  • Five words beginning with an alphabet that can be found in the school, park, bedroom etc.
  • A sentence that has a particular word in it
  • Word chain: In this game, you say a word and your child says another that starts with the end letter of the word you say. This continues.
  • Rhyming words:  Give him a word and ask him what rhyming words he can think of with that. Then ask him to make a sentence with these rhyming words. For example: words that rhyme with CAT are bat, mat, hat etc. A sentence with these could be ‘A cat sat on a mat holding a bat and wearing a hat.’

Describe Things Around Them

Children want activities and attention wherever they go. Use this to your and his benefit. Play games of describing things that he sees around him. For example; five sentences about the elephant at the zoo or about the hot slice of pizza at the restaurant.  If he is unable to do it, help him. The more ideas that he gets from you (in the form of words and sentences), the more he will absorb and learn.

Label Things at Home

If you want the little one to learn, you will have to make things easier for him. One such way is to label things at home. Kids also associate words to pictures well. It helps them to remember more effortlessly. So labelling goes a long way in increasing their vocabulary. One of the best places to do so is at the kitchen and amidst his toys.  Once he can read well, he will be able to pick up these words with ease.

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