Fairy Tales for Children? Yes or No?

3. Physical Diversity

The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that there can be different types of people in this world – from royalty to the dwarfs. And human kindness cannot be judged by beauty or wealth. Similarly, Goldlilocks and the Three Bears shows the protagonist identifying the most with the one who is the smallest and the weakest in the group (the baby bear). So these fairy tale characters don’t discriminate but rather teach about quirks and weaknesses in humans and to accept them.


4. Imparts Lessons

Fairy tales for kids imparts valuable lessons and morals to children. For example, The Emperor’s New Clothes teaches that those who are proud have to face embarrassment in the end. So even if you are confident, never be overconfident to the extent that it turns to vanity. Always retain your common sense.

Again, The Little Red Riding Hood ends on the note that little children should listen to their parents. Those advocating fairy tales feel that this story tries to bring out concepts like intimidation and parental domination and celebrate docility. But that’s something I don’t understand. I personally feel that the little ones do need to know that listening to parental advice is important in life too.


5. Put in Effort

The hero or heroine has to put in effort before he or she succeeds. As a parent, we just make the choice of what story to tell depending on the complexity of these efforts. For example The Three Little Pigs shows the pigs being tricked thrice before they overcome the wolf. But its all said with a lot of humor making it a favorite of toddlers. On the other hand, Seven Ravens is a more complex journey that’s ideal for six year olds.


Cons of Fairy Tales

(I’m still not too convinced, but these are all I could come up with.)


1. Bad Habits

Goldilocks and the Three Bears teaches to steal, or rather take without permission. But isn’t it more of, don’t visit strange places and eat without asking because strangers can be scary (bears)

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