Fairy Tales for Children? Yes or No?

Fairy tales for kids, Fairy tale characters, Children storiesI am a mother and I still believe in fairy tales and fairy tale characters. The way I believe has changed over the years though. Initially it was an innate belief in fairies, beasts and frogs turning into princes and now its a belief that ultimately the good wins. However, I seem to be coming across many parents who feel that fairy tales are not for kids. It made me think.


Pros of Fairy Tales


1. Handle Problems

Fairy tale characters  help us learn – be that children or even adults. The.Three Little Pigs shows how the wolf was ultimately burnt by the intelligent pig. In life too, if we can think rationally then we can overcome problems. We can face the challenges and come out victorious.


2. Develops a Child’s Imagination 

Fairy tales are told very simply. It starts with a realistic problem like need for a house or food, goes on to what happens in order to satisfy that need and finally there’s always a happy ending. It lays the ground for kids to learn how to tell stories as they grow up.

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