It is Doctor Day for Hama-Guri

Learning: If a near and dear one gets hurt, then use your intelligence, find a doctor and seek immediate adult help.

Things to Teach

  • Don’t take things into your own hands when someone gets hurt – find a doctor
  • About first aid and the things to keep in the first aid box
  • Some easy home remedies cuts and bruises
  • The family doctor’s name and his number
  • What is good hygiene, why it should be practiced (example wash your hands before eating, don’t eat cut fruits from roadside vendors, brush your teeth at night)
  • Never take medicines without asking the doctor (and definitely never without adult supervision)
  • Sometimes medicines and injections are necessary so don’t run away from them
  • What is vaccination and why they should be given
  • Some illnesses are infectious. Its best to stay away from school and friends then (example chicken pox)
  • Different names for different doctors (example dentist, pediatrician, veterinarian)
  • Never bully or make fun of children with special needs

Fun Activities

  • Read books like Topsy and Tim: Go to the Doctor by Jean and Gareth Adamson and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen
  • Learn the poem ‘Five little monkeys jumping on the bed’
  • Visit a nearby hospital to know more about what it looks like
  • Play doctor at home with dolls


  • On Doctor Day get the kids to make a thank you card for a doctor who has ever helped them
  • Take a big chart paper and draw / cut out pictures of things that can be seen in a doctor’s office

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