It is Doctor Day for Hama-Guri

Suddenly Hama had an idea. “Ma-Door, can you wait here for five minutes? I will do something.”

“But…I…won’t…be…able…to…walk…” Ma-Door wailed.

“Just stay put here.” Hama said as he got up. Then ran. Hoping that his plan worked. It took him a few minutes to get out of the jungle patch and straight to the slum that bordered the jungle. He knew their gardener lived there. And he had seen him using a wheel barrow to pick up all the cut grass and dried leaves once.

“Hi! I need your wheel barrow.” Hama said, barging into the gardener’s home. “My friend’s got hurt.”

“Huh?” He didn’t quite understand.

“No time to explain. Please come with me.”

A couple of minutes later they were running with it into the jungle. Soon they reached the spot where Ma-Door sat, in the exact same way.

It took them some time to lift Ma-Door into the wheel barrow, but somehow they managed. The basket of berries were forgotten.

“Wait, here’s my bag” Hama said handing his bag pack to the gardener. “Put it under his foot. Mumma had once said that it helps.”

The gardener slid Hama’s bag under Ma-Door’s foot. Then began to push hard. With some extra effort, the barrow began moving. It took them a while but they managed to get him home finally.

“Mumma! Come out!” Hama exclaimed as they entered through their door. “Ma-Door’s hurt!”

Hama-Guri’s mother came rushing out. The two boys had been friends for long. But she had never heard Hama screaming like that before. There was so much fear in his voice.

The gardener told Hama’s mother the entire story as the two adults lifted Ma-Door and carried him inside.

“Mumma he will be fine, right?”

“Oh yes Hama.” Mumma said putting Ma-Door’s foot over a few pillows. The elevation would help. ” Your plan of the wheel barrow was very good. I’ve called the doctor but let’s put an ice pack on his sprain in the mean time. It will ease the pain.”

The doctor took an hour to come. He gave a few medicines and bandaged his sprained foot. He said it would take a few days to heal. But he also added that Ma-Door had been saved from more pain because Hama had realized that moving his foot from the awkward position would have been a foolish thing to do. The six year old had surely done a doctor’s job well. Today had been Hama-Guri’s Doctor Day!

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