It is Doctor Day for Hama-Guri

DOCTOR DAY, illness, kids craft“Have you picked enough?” Hama-Guri called out to his best friend Ma-Door.

“Ya. I think this much should do.” Ma-Door replied back. Then went running towards Hama-Guri. “I’m coming.”

But five minutes later he didn’t turn up. Instead Hama heard a loud thud from where his friend was picking berries. He ran. A little worried. When he reached the place he found his friend sitting on the ground, his left leg awkwardly placed.

“What happened?” Hama said running to his friend and sitting beside him.

Ma-Door said nothing. He just kept holding his left leg and howling.

“Oh god, I think he’s hurt his leg.” Hama thought. He hugged his friend just to try to make him stop crying, but his thoughts were rushing. “What do I do now? He won’t be able to walk. How do I take him home? Oh god, even his parents are not in town.”

“Hama, help me.” Ma-Door managed to say amidst his sobs. “Its really paining.”

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