How to Create Memorable Characters for Children’s Stories

And if its animals and birds that form your story, here’s what you can do:

  • Call them the animal name itself like beaver, otter etc.
  • Form a shorter version of the name like Ele the elephant
  • Use a different language to form the name like Conejo mean rabbit in Spanish. d. Give a human name and then supplement it with a picture

Birth Year of the Character

How old is your protagonist? Does he act his age or is he too grown up? Has he learnt to speak, walk and talk? Age is a critical factor. And so is the year when he was born. A child born in the 18th century would be completely different in thoughts, ideologies and fashion as compared to one from the 21st century.

The best characters are remembered with warmth and fondness and stay with the listeners and readers years after childhood is over. And for this you have to know your character in depth. So think of your story’s character well and then think of the tale that will surround him.

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