How to Create Memorable Characters for Children’s Stories

Physical Features

Just describing the character’s traits is not enough. His or her physical attributes need to be detailed out too. For example is he neat? Does he resemble his parents? Does he have a favourite outfit?

Doodle the picture of the favorite fictional character that you are bringing to life to get a clear picture in your mind. And if you are planning an illustrated book, then this will help the illustrators as well. You can take help from newspapers, magazines or other existing picture books for kids. Make sure that the character has at least one physical trait that stands out and makes him different.

Use this opportunity to spend time with your child with these doodling books to do some creative writing and create a likable character.

Name of the Character

In children’s stories, the popularity of names keeps changing over the years. So when naming your personality do a research to find out which ones will the young listeners connect with more. And if you don’t want to use the commonly popular names then use your imagination and concoct a catchy one. However do bear in mind that it should be easy to pronounce. Especially if you are writing one that younger readers will read. A tough name will make him lose interest in the story.
When naming do find out the meaning behind the name. For instance a happy and full of life girl should never be named Miriam as it means a sea of sorrow in the Hebrew language.

The rule of thumb is to have a name that brings a picture to mind. So you can never give a girl who’s a tom boy a soft sounding name like Twisha.

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