I Wonder Where You Come From

Contributed by: Jayant Khare. He is an architect by profession and blogging is his passion. While he likes to write about travel, this is the first time he’s tried his hand at poetry.

I wonder where you come from Hama-Guri,
For I have been to many places but have never seen you before.

I live in Bangalore, and you look just like the neighbour next door.
But then I see your clothes and it seems from a different place,
Closer to China seems to tell your face.

“Why don’t you wear shoes?’ I wonder.
Where in the world does that happen?
I haven’t seen it in the foreign nations,
And nor in mine either.

Your farmland is near a jungle eh?
That’s like one of our villages in India for sure,
But the seas and the coral reefs take me to the continent very different and pure.

I don’t know where you come from Hama-Guri,
But I know you are there somewhere for sure.
You are nice, you are real,
You are like any kid next door.

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