world poetry dayToday Hama-Guri is celebrating World Poetry Day at home. He’s made his parents write poems for him and he has written one for them too. And while the family has engaged themselves at verse writing, here are our three winners.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in this contest. I must say, that all of you did a wonderful job. But we had to choose a winner.

And…..surprise! We are having our first giveaway for the winners. I have written to all three of you separately and you can expect your gifts very soon.


Contributed by: Mrs. Sumona. She is a homemaker and a mother of two. She loves the English language and someday hopes to open an adult coaching  in her locality to teach the same.

When comes the time for tests,
Hama-Guri always tries his best.

But he never understood tests happened why,
Thus one day he asked his Mumma so with a sigh.

“We learn at school,” she said.
“And tests test how much has gone to our head.”

“Treat tests like a game,” She said.
“And doing your best should be the only aim.”

“Some scare me,” Hama said in reply.
“Don’t be.” Mumma said. “Brains are there to apply.”

Hama hugged his Mumma and said he would be brave.
Mumma hugged him back and a smile she gave.

Now Hama has more confidence.
And he takes his tests with immense brilliance.

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