Celebrate a Happy Pi Day 3.14 Times with Hama-Guri

Fun Activities

  • Make pineapple pies and juice – pineapple is πneapple!
  • For those who have learnt about pi numbers at school, hold a competition of who can remember it to the maximum number of decimal places
  • Bake pies and pizzas. Measure the circumference and diameter of them. No matter what the size, the answer will be 3.14
  • Hold a Einstein look alike / fancy dress party
  • Read books like Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi by Cindy Neuschwander
  • Hunt for pi numbers in different numbers (birthdays, phone number, address etc.)
  • Watch the movie ‘Life of Pi’ over some circular muffins


  • Take ten different colors of beads. Next decide on one number from zero to nine to correspond to each colour. Strings the beads in the same order as the pi number to make a colourful pi necklace.
  • Use fabric paint and glitter to paint Pi quotes on t-shirts and then wear them. How about ‘Cutie π’?

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