Celebrate a Happy Pi Day 3.14 Times with Hama-Guri

“And do you know Hama that today is someone’s birthday too?”

“Really? We have a party to go to?”

“Oh no no. But we can have one at home for sure.”

“Who’s?” Mumma asked.


While the mother smiled, the son said “Ein…who?”

“Son, Einstein was a well known scientist and he has made up important observations about light, time etc. Anyways, you still have a few more years to learn about that.”

“Oh no! Both of you are after me today. Maths all day! And now science.” Hama replied grumpily.

“Ha Ha! Ok this is something that you will like to know: Einstein could not speak till he was three! Can you imagine?”

“Really father? Wow!”

“And now we will have a pizza party for dinner.”

“With balloons and candles too!” Mumma added, hoping that all this talk would get back Hama into a good mood.

“I have an idea. We can make a chain of different colours for the decoration too.” Added in father.

“A chain?”

“Yes son. We take ten different colors of construction paper. Next we decide on one number from zero to nine to correspond to one colour at a time. Then make rings, one inside the other, with these colours, in the same order as the digits of pi number.

“Father! Pi! Again!” Hama cried. “Well…but… At least this sounds more fun than Mumma’s explanation,”

And so, the evening was spent making a huge chain of intertwined paper rings. Then they put it up on the walls. It did make the little kid quite happy. And he was in a much better mood by dinner time.  He learnt a bit too by the end of the day – at least the number 3.14 he did!

“Mumma, what did you say the number was?” Hama asked as he helped Mumma set the dinner table. The pizza smell with cheese and salami was heavenly. And he couldn’t wait to dig into it.


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