Reading to Newborns: Benefits and Tips

Reading to infant, Reading to newborn, Reading to babies, Read to your newborn, Reading to your babyFetuses can recognize their mother’s voice in the womb! So it is never too early to read to your baby. In fact, studies say you should read for fifteen to twenty minutes every day to your child – even a new born. But there are a few questions here which we shall address here.
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Hama-Guri learns about Food Allergy

Food allergy, Kids with food allergies“What happened Hama? Why are you so quiet today?” Mumma said sitting on Hama-Guri’s bed. He had come home from school more than half an hour back. But instead of rushing through the door and kissing her and blabbering all that had happened during the day, he had quietly walked up to his room.

“Umm…Mumma…I’m not feeling good…” Hama said putting his head down on his mother’s lap. Read more…

20 Travel Books for Children to Read during the Summer Holidays

travel books for childrenFor me travel books for children is all about different places across the globe and also what fun it is to take a journey. These books below are ideal for kids who are a little above five. They can be read by the parents and also for children who are beginning to read.

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Hama-Guri Misses Seeing the Mermaids

Sea animals, Mermaids“And that’s the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’.'” Mumma said closing the book. “Now you go to bed kiddo.”

She tucked Ham-Guri in bed, kissed him good night.

“Good night Mumma.” Hama said sleepily. But still tightly holding onto the sea horse soft toy his granny had given to him earlier today. “I love you.”

“I love you too baby.” She said. Then switched off the lights and silently closed the door behind her.

“Hey who are you? And what are you doing here?” Said a tiny rainbow coloured fish. Read more…

Hama-Guri Learns How to Manage Time

Time management tips, How to manage time, How to read a clock“Yes Mumma, I know it is 2pm. You taught me how to read the clock last year.” Hama-Guri said as he continued to construct his ship with the Lego pieces.

“It’s lunch time Hama. Stop playing now.” Mumma said standing by his room’s door. Pretty annoyed. The closer he was inching his way towards seven, he was becoming a little stubborn.

“Half an hour Mumma.” Hama said not even looking up to see his mother’s face.

“Fine. I will wait for you for ten minutes and then put all the food away.” She turned around and walked downstairs. Read more…

50 Unusual Places to Read on World Reading Day

unusual reading places, World Reading Day On World Reading Day, we bring to you fifty unusual places for you to read – alone or to your kid.

1. While breast feeding – and why not. Research says that tiny babies love sounds, let alone the foetus which can ‘learn’ too
2. ¬†While sitting on the pot seat – might sound a little ‘ugh’ but what the heck. Trust me, it can become an addiction.
3. In bed – hold on I’m not finished. Put a cover over your head (because the kid’s sleeping beside you), switch on a flash light and lo! There – now you are reading in a ‘camp’.
4. While eating – not too unusual, right? But its the commonality of it that makes it so innovative.
5. While sitting in the bathtub – a good book, a chilled drink and a few aroma candles. Perfect! Read more…

It is Doctor Day for Hama-Guri

DOCTOR DAY, illness, kids craft“Have you picked enough?” Hama-Guri called out to his best friend Ma-Door.

“Ya. I think this much should do.” Ma-Door replied back. Then went running towards Hama-Guri. “I’m coming.”

But five minutes later he didn’t turn up. Instead Hama heard a loud thud from where his friend was picking berries. He ran. A little worried. When he reached the place he found his friend sitting on the ground, his left leg awkwardly placed. Read more…

Hama-Guri Earns Pocket Money

Money, Teaching kids about money, Chore chart, Child allowance, Piggy banks for kids“Mumma, Ma-Door gets pocket money every week.” Hama said sitting on his bunk bed.

“Hmm.” Mumma replied as she continued to pick up his toys. “But why do you need pocket money? We are there when you need something.”

“But…Mumma…Ma-Door…” Hama scratched his head. What his mother had just said was true. He didn’t really need the pocket money. And yet, it would have been good if he did. Read more…