8 Ways to Get More Out of Picture Books

Develop Skills in Reading

Picture books for kids have little words. And often the most important word is illustrated. This helps to:

  • Understand the meaning of a word
  • Build vocabulary
  • Predict what’s going to happen next

They also help children to identify colors, shapes, animal kingdom, flora, alphabet and numbers. This is important because, for example, a child who’s never been to a zoo or a farm knows what to expect in these places. For kids who are a little older, choose books whose illustrations convey meaning beyond words in the form of, say, different emotions.

Starting English

Picture books for children is a good starting point for those who already read in their home language and are beginning with English. The pictures can first be explained in the known language and then read out in English. Teach the words by pronouncing the letters phonetically rather than naming the alphabet. As children soon begin to recognize the words ask them to find the word that you are teaching elsewhere on the same page or in the book.

Enjoy the  Art

For the older kids, see the drawings and sketches closely. Ask the kids questions like what he likes about the picture, the colors used and then also try and show him easy ways to draw some of them.

For the younger lot play the “what’s that?” game. Point to different objects and ask what they are, how many there are, where they can be found etc. Or read the story and make intermittent pauses to ask them to identify the picture about the scene that you just read to them.

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