50 Unusual Places to Read on World Reading Day

31. At a cafe – while you wait for your coffee
32. While hiding in a room as a marriage is in progress – oh those boring people and inane conversations
33. While in the attic – as you clean old boxes. You just can’t help but read when you come across some old books despite all the dust
34. While your feet soak in warm water – after a long walk
35. While the little one plays at the park – because your other mum-friends haven’t turned up today
36. While you wait for your washing machine to finish doing the laundry
37. While sitting under the shade of tree on a summer morning
38. At a park during a picnic
39. On a hammock by the poolside
40. Just after a spa therapy
41. Build a pillow fort and read curled up inside it
42. A dinner read aloud – each family member can participate reading his bit (taking turns)
43. As you wait for your toddler to finish his mouthful of food – it can be quite a long wait at times
44. At your kid’s extracurricular class – its better than staring at him when he’s trying to pick up his dance moves
45. On the laptop as you were working – just because you found a read while surfing on the net
46. A good article link on twitter – and there you go reading again
47. At a bookstore – as you are leafing through a book, and just get hooked on to it
48. At a tell-a-story or a reading club
49. When there’s a load shedding, under candle light – perfect for a horror story


50. On mum’s lap – with a lot of cuddles.

Which of these places have you read in? Which place inspires you to read?

On World Reading Day, share more unusual and weird places with us.


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