50 Unusual Places to Read on World Reading Day

13. During a mountainous car journey – even thought you are car sick. Just because the suspense had built up so much.
14. In the verandah – on a moonlit night. 15. While you wait for the microwave timer to go off – because waiting to dig into that cake is way too much to bear. So an interesting distraction is better.
16. At the salon – While you wait for your hair to get curled
17. During a load shedding – under a candle light. Because the book is unputdownable.
18. While drying the book with a hair dryer – because you dropped it into the bath tub
19. While at work – because boss is on leave
20. While waiting for your name to be called out – at an interview or at the doctor
21. While taking care of an ill relative or friend – reading something light does take away a lot of the distraction
22. While someone boring is blabbering on the other end of the phone – why not read through a gossip column? Its reading! And it’s more interesting!
23. In a sheltered space on the terrace when its raining
24. Early morning at the beach – the silence and the sound of the waves makes for a wonderful ambiance
25. On the ship’s deck as you keep looking up of the pages once in a while to stare into the vast expanse of the turquoise blue
26. By the bedroom window while watching the fire flies glow (and hearing the humming of the crickets)
27. At a football match – OK the husband might like it but you don’t. So get some popcorn, do an occasional screaming when a goal is scored and don’t forget a nice comic from your childhood
28. Sitting very awkwardly on an uncomfortable wooden chair – just because you need to finish the damn book
29. While writing your own book – well you got a few to read for inspiration and then just got hooked onto the plot of one
30. While sitting beside your kid’s bed even though he has long gone to sleep – re-reading those childhood fairy tales has always been fun

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