50 Unusual Places to Read on World Reading Day

unusual reading places, World Reading Day On World Reading Day, we bring to you fifty unusual places for you to read – alone or to your kid.

1. While breast feeding – and why not. Research says that tiny babies love sounds, let alone the foetus which can ‘learn’ too
2. ¬†While sitting on the pot seat – might sound a little ‘ugh’ but what the heck. Trust me, it can become an addiction.
3. In bed – hold on I’m not finished. Put a cover over your head (because the kid’s sleeping beside you), switch on a flash light and lo! There – now you are reading in a ‘camp’.
4. While eating – not too unusual, right? But its the commonality of it that makes it so innovative.
5. While sitting in the bathtub – a good book, a chilled drink and a few aroma candles. Perfect!
6. While travelling in the metro – however avoid reading if you are hanging onto your life to the rods
7. Reading what someone else is reading – those stolen glances as you sit in the bus just to catch the headlines of a newspaper or a few lines of your favorite celebrity’s interview.
8. Reading upside down – just because. No reason. Except that its fun.
9. While running on the treadmill
10.While you are waiting for food to be given to you at a drive-in
11. Reading in a tree house – or a sturdy tree branch (during a picnic)
12. On a fishing trip – While you wait for the fish to catch the bait

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