Why Children Should Write a Diary

diary, journal topics, how to write a blog, how to write a diaryIf your kid wants to keep a diary then let him. If he wants to write online then teach him how to write a blog. These are wonderful ways to encourage him to write and also to recap and reminiscence about memories that are dear to him at a later date.

Benefits of Maintaining a Diary

1. Memories

Diaries are a wonderful way to write about what’s happening in your life. It also helps you to hold onto and relive fond memories.

2. Goals

Older kids often set themselves goals I no matter how small. Journal entries are a good way to keep a track of their progress towards that goal. Read more…

Bullying in Schools: Hama-Guri Stops in One

bullying in schools, stops bullying, anti bullying, “What happened?” Hama-Guri came and sat beside a new face who sat looking at the blue sky. He had seen him sitting like that for more than ten days now. Every day he used to think that he would come and ask but break time used to get over so quickly that he never got the chance. And he was not in his section so Hama never saw him otherwise.

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Fun Ways to Improve your Child’s Vocabulary

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For a child to tell a story he needs to know words. And many of them. For it is words that make up a story. As a parent we should strive to improve and increase kids’ vocabulary continuously.  Other than making him study English Here are some activities for kids and fun tips that will help your child learn new words.


Inculcate the habit of going to the library. If he is a toddler, go along with him. Even if he can’t read or does not understand all words, read to him. And together with that get into the habit of teaching him at least two news words every time you visit.


While making him study English, also play a game with your child of finding words that mean the same thing. Thinking of interesting activities for kids always help. For this you will also need to do a lot of reading yourself so that you have the answers ready when he can’t think of any. The more ways that he is able to express the same thing, the better he will become in the art of talking and writing.
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Hama-Guri Learns about Water Conservation

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“What are you doing Mumma? Why are you keeping those potted plants under the water pipe?”

“Because then the water that comes out of this pipe will water these plants and we won’t have to water them separately.”

Hama-Guri remained silent. He wondered why his Mumma would want to do that. Why couldn’t she use the watering pipe from the garden?

“What happened Hama? Why are you sitting there on the garden bench with a frown on your face?” Mumma asked.

“Because I don’t know why you are doing what you are doing.”
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Why Should We Tell Our Children Stories About The Family

family tree, children stories, family storiesResearch has shown that effective communication leads to happy families. However, communication is not restricted to only discussion of issues but also a lot of positive talking. One such way is to tell them stories about yourself and stories about the family as well. This brings out a lot of positivity and also tell children about how the family overcame various challenges and hardships.


Know the Roots

In today’s world, with the extended family spread across the globe, the sense of belonging within children is minimal as is their knowledge about their culture and heritage. Kids who listen not only to children stories but also to stories about the family often have a higher self confidence and a better understanding of people’s emotions. It stems from the fact that the knowledge of family history builds in them stronger roots and self identities.
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Hama-Guri Says ‘Love Your Hobbies’

hobby, crafts for kids, children dance, hobby ideas for kids“No Hama I will not go!” Wailed his cousin Ba-Chaa. She was four and his maternal first cousin. And they loved each other immensely. They didn’t meet often though because, although in the same town, their homes were quite a distance apart. It was only during times likes these when school was closed for the summer vacations that they met.

“But sis, you love dancing. And aunt told me that you were the one who wanted to join this class.”

Ba-Chaa looked at her big brother, her expression a mix of worry and sadness.

“Something’s happened. Right?” Hama asked. He had been staying at his aunt’s house for more than a week now and he had been noticing that his otherwise extremely chirpy baby sister had turned all quiet. Now he understood that her dance class was the culprit.
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How to Create Memorable Characters for Children’s Stories

creative writing, favorite fictional character, childrens storiesMany a children’s book has often described a character with magical powers and yet they have been made believable because of a weakness. For example while Jack in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ gets the magical beans he is a poor and a stupid boy. This form of creative writing where there is a combination of magic with the human nature delights kids. And thus is born a favorite fictional character.

Characterization is important and creating memorable characters it is not easy. And more so when it is for young readers. The more completely you are able to develop your characters, the more interesting the tale will be. Here are some pointers to help you.
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Hama-Guri Learns to Respect Different Races

Contributed By: Rudrajyoti Nath Ray

About the Contributor: He is an advocate working with the Supreme Court of India. He likes writing poetry or blogging about various legal matters when he is not working. He loves children and think that they ask smarter questions than judges! “Convincing a kid is more difficult than getting an order from the court,” he says.

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Children are full of questions. Sometimes they do not know and hence they ask. And sometimes the adults are not particularly good at answering – hence begging more questions.
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Stories for Children: Different Age Groups

Books to read online, stories for children, short stories for kidsStudies have revealed that even foetuses can recognize their mother’s voice. In that case, why not read aloud during your pregnancy too? And once the little one arrives, just continue doing so.


More than the story, babies understand a parent’s warmth. So when you tell this age group a story fill it with lots of cuddles and snuggles. And research has shown that, while an infant does not understand words, hearing the mother’s voice develops his interest in sounds.

They also like sounds which have a rhythm to it. So tell the tale, either from books to read online or from the print in a sing-song fashion and with a smile on your face. Also, vary the pitch of your voice as you tell the tale.

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Hama-Guri Finds Parts of a Plant in Vegetables

parts of plants, science project ideas, science activities for preschoolers, learning for kids“I’m bored.” Hama yawned on a Saturday morning. School had just closed for a short spring break. But that was not the cause of his boredom. His best friend had gone off to visit his granny with his parents for a week.

“I’m bored too!” Mumma joined in, copying his tone.

“Mumma! Stop that. Don’t copy me.” Hama replied. “I truly am bored. Father’s busy with the cows and you have been cooking all morning.”

“But I’m making the apple pie for you kiddo.”

“I know Mumma. Still…” He couldn’t complete the sentence because another yawn escaped his lips.
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