20 Travel Books for Children to Read during the Summer Holidays

Amazing Animal Adventures Around the World by Brian Keating

In this book the kids get to travel around the world with the author to meet animals from across the globe. Together with fun, the kids also get to learn about Australian kangaroos, the wolves in the Arctic and many more. The photographs and trivia  make it an expedition worth enjoying and remembering.

The Travel Game by  John Grandits

Tad doesn’t want to sleep. So he spins the globe with his aunt and then sets off for different adventures. Their imagination takes them from NY to Hong Kong. The lovely illustrations are sure to attract any child. And they learn about quite a few cities too.

Are We There Yet? A Journey Around Australia by Verna Aardema

Its about the child Grace and her trip to Australia with her parents. Grace writes down in this book about all that she saw during her holiday. This easy read makes it more enjoyable because of all the drawings and maps.

Go Wild in New York City by Brad Matsen and Paul Corio

Oh no! Don’t think NY is just concrete. At least Skippy the squirrel doesn’t think so. As he eats bagel and roams about the city, he finds loads of surprises waiting for him. And the creative cartooning helps grab the young readers’ attention.

Honey Cookies by Meredith Hooper and Alison Bartlett

Ben loves baking with his granny every time he visits her. But the special cookies that they make need a cow and lots of bees! The lyrical writing make children enjoy the story and also gives us, as parents, to learn a recipe to try with them.

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