20 Travel Books for Children to Read during the Summer Holidays

travel books for childrenFor me travel books for children is all about different places across the globe and also what fun it is to take a journey. These books below are ideal for kids who are a little above five. They can be read by the parents and also for children who are beginning to read.

Toot & Puddle by Holly Hobbie 

They are best of friends. But while Toot loves traveling, Puddle enjoys staying at home and receiving postcards. And when the latter begins to miss his friend, he learns to enjoy small adventures in his own backyard. It tells children that exploration can happen anywhere – eve in ones own backyard.

Amazement Park: 12 Wild Mazes by Roxie Munro

This book is about a trip to an amazement park when Ms. McCourt takes her class to visit the enchanted castle and others. The detailed illustrations make for a visual treat for the kids.

All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon

The story’s about a brother and a sister and their journey from the beach to a cafe and finally back home to their parents. The watercolor illustrations are attravtive and the story encourages children to enjoy and explore – even the tiniest of elements.

All Aboard! A Traveling Alphabet by Bill Mayer

It is the alphabet’s journey from the A shaped walkway to Z. The colorful pictures are most definitely going to inspire the spirit of travel and holidays in the young ones.

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